10/24/2014 07:15 AM by ORL Staff

LA Lakers announce Steve Nash out of 2014/15 season due to back injury!


OFFICIAL: Steve Nash has been ruled out for the 2014-15 season due to a recurring back injury.




Full press release on Nash including quotes from him and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak.




10/24/2014 06:59 AM by ORL Staff

HARD Festival gets set time wrong but deadmau5 makes good!


what do you mean what happened to the 3 hours set? you tell me…? what happened to the 3 hour set? fuckin calm down.


so HARD decided to tell everyone we were playing for 3 hours? and yet i was booked for 2 hours. someone over there doesnt know wtf is up.


why is this so difficult.. and why is this landing on me? its not my fuckin festival, i shouldnt have to worry about this shit. so i wont.


how about this… we all show up, play some music and have a good time. hows that. :P


B/c Mis-information got out by us re: mau5 v Prydz they’ve agreed to extend their set to 2 hrs! Thx 4 saving the day  .


10/24/2014 06:50 AM by ORL Staff

Paris goes on the attack and deadmau5 rants back!!


I find it hilarious when others try to badmouth me in order to get attention. Sorry that I’m while doing what I love & live for.


. if i wanted attention, id put out a sex tape, fuck a dentist, then charge a million for root canals. For now, imma just be me.


. also, dont fuck with my twitter.


thats it. im jelly. im never ever ever playing another song Paris produced. ever again.


pretty amusing how much you work people up…ha

10/24/2014 06:45 AM by ORL Staff

Amanda just misses winning Project Runway but brother James is still proud!!


So now that the results are out let me say I am so proud of my sister. I really think she had the strongest collection but at the end of the day these things are indeed subjective. Of course I am far from objective.

I had the chance to spend some time with her new friend Sean and he is an amazing dude and great designer. (I also got to meet most of the other designers who were all rad).

After the runway show and announcement of the winners we got to celebrate with the other family members in a positive environment of love and support. It’s tough when there’s only one winner but everyone seemed to walk away inspired and elevated from the experience.

I think that I am generally fatigued on a lot of these competition shows at this point but Project Runway after all of these seasons is still great TV! The amount of skill required to produce the pieces is insane. To be creative under such pressure is an extreme challenge! And then throw in the fact that cameras are in your face as producers try to piece together a narrative based on your emotional reactions to the pressure and your competitors.

Beyond Amanda’s skill as a designer I think I was most proud of how she conducted herself in the midst of the craziness. There was a lot of Shauna Valentine (our mom) in that, who was always a great example of the golden rule in action.

Very eager to see all of the great things Amanda is going to do next!

10/24/2014 06:36 AM by ORL Staff

Taylor Swift rocks Hollywood and Jimmy Kimmel!!


out of the woods. jaime_king’s video



The girls at Kimmel – Hollywood Blvd tonight. Clare, Melanie, Eliotte, Kamilah.




Thank you to the thousands of people who came to Hollywood Blvd to watch us play. It made me so emotional, you have no idea. Love you.

10/24/2014 06:28 AM by ORL Staff

Madeleine Albright vs Conon O’ Brien???


Damn – Whenever I go toe to toe with Albright, she always wins.


. Ha, you’re certainly not the first to make that mistake… But all in good fun!


. I’m considering going as hunky Conan O’Brien – but that might be too far fetched.


. Never get into a word war with a diplomat. We talk even more than comedians.

10/24/2014 06:21 AM by ORL Staff

Kelly gets tattoo in honor of Joan Rivers!


In honor of you joanrivers…”If you looked at aerodynamics, at science, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. Physically, it was just not anatomically equipped to soar. Yet it did, defying gravity, defying logic. The bee was a creature that defied and beat the odds, a miracle.” Thank you for being my Miracle .@joanrivers. ♥



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Aaron Paul starts own petition to keep Breaking Bad toys on shelves!


Here’s the petition to sign to keep the toys on the shelves! This would be so fun to show the Florida mom. YeahBitch


Here’s the petition to sign to keep the toys on the shelves! Why can you sell guns and not Walt and Jesse? YeahBitch